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5 Steps to choose your platform

1. How high is my job?

The machine height quoted is the measurement from ground level to the platform’s maximum height, plus the reach of an average person.

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2. How much outreach do I need?

The outreach of a machine is measured from the centre of the turret to the fingertips of the average person on a fully extended boom. Remember to allow for the vehicle width and outrigger spread.

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3. Am I working inside or outside?

When working inside you may wish to consider an electrically powered machine, (especially in more confined spaces). You will need to measure any doors that the machine will go through.

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4. What are my ground conditions?

Gradient, wet or rough terrain will make a difference to your choice of equipment.

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5. How much weight can I carry?

The SWL or Safe Working Load is the total weight that the machine cage can safely carry. The majority of our machines carry a minimum 200kg which allows for two men with average person weigh of 85kg (13 stone) and 30kg of equipment/tools. The SWL should never be exceeded.

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