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Bronto S50XDT-J

The Bronto S50XDT-J has a unique three section super-jib and an unrivalled up-and over reach - unusual for platforms of this height. The two section telescopic cage boom provides 16m of up-and-over, at 33m height. This access platform has a maximum working outreach of 35m and an incredible 10m of down reach - so can get to previously inaccessible locations - over rooftops, vestibules, canopies, harbour walls and bridges.


Working Height 50.00m
Working Outreach 35.00m
Safe Working Load 600.00Kg
Weight 26000.00Kg
Cage Rotation 90.00 degrees
Working Width 8.00m
Length 11.90m
Stowed Width 2.80m
Stowed Height 4.00m
Platform Width 2.80m
Platform Length 11.90m
Max Point Loading 0.0000kN/cm²


  • Rotating cage
  • Variable jacking width
  • Extendable and Rotating Cage
  • Available with a fully trained operator
  • 700kg Spare carrying capacity
  • Outside
  • 10.00m down reach
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