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Nifty HR 21 Hybrid - AWD - SIOPS fitted

The new Nifty HR 21 Hybrid All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) is one of a new generation of environmentally conscious work platforms from Niftylift. This self-propelled boom delivers an outstanding performance from a compact and low-weight design, due to the combination of advanced power-source technology and versatile AWD.

On Diesel the HR21's revolutionary Hybrid system can automatically use its electric motor to boost power whenever needed, allowing the HR-21 Hybrid to operate with a smaller engine, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The access platform's exhaust purification system then further reduces CO/NOx, particulates and noise emissions. Other features include; automatic fail-safe brakes, lock valves on all hydraulic cylinders, dual harness points and solid tyres.


Working Height 20.70m
Working Outreach 12.60m
Safe Working Load 225.00Kg
Weight 6300.00Kg
Cage Rotation (Non-continuous) 360.00 degrees
Working Width 0.00m
Length 6.50m
Stowed Width 2.27m
Stowed Height 2.13m
Platform Width 1.80m
Platform Length 0.85m
Max Point Loading 0.0000kN/cm²


  • Sloped Surface
  • Electric
  • Bi Fuel
  • Rough Ground
  • Level Ground
  • Tilt alarms
  • Solid Tyres
  • Manual Recovery with Hand Pump
  • Cage and ground controls
  • Dual harness points
  • CE Mark
  • Outside
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