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Cherry Picker Hire - Hire process

6th Mar 12

When contacting Universal Aerial Platforms regarding cherry picker hire and MEWP hire, it makes sense to have spent some time considering the job the kit is required for. Some key points to take into account are:

- the maximum height you will need to reach using the kit

- the access situation to the working area – look at the terrain the machine must cross to get to the work area and note any obstacles

- the terrain you will need to use the kit on and the condition of the ground – is it uneven or unstable in any way?

- if using the lift inside, is there adequate ventilation for a machine powered by an engine with exhaust fumes?

- any permissions or organisational issues which need to be sorted out in advance

Once you have answered these questions, however at anytime please call us to talk through your requirements. We are happy to advise you on the equipment best suited to the job, and other considerations such as hire periods and the insurance you may need. If you are unsure whether you need an operator for the MEWP, you can also talk this through at this stage. When agreeing a hire period, ensure you have allowed enough time to transport the machine to the site and back again, as well as leaving adequate time on site for the job.


Cherry Picker Hire - Hire process
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